VVhair Company Website

Always adhering to top quality human hair products since we were established in 2006.
During the years of working in the hair business, we've met many interesting customers and shared many impressive stories.
Some were funny, some were joyful, some were warm …
Many customers shared their happiness with us, their birthday, their vocations , their holiday, their dating and even wedding…
We've learned how important the hair can be to our customers. And we are so happy with the joy the our products have brought to them. We also know a bad hair might hurt a customer deeply or ruin a important occasion …
There was once a girl who purchased a wig from us. Then the hair sheded badly in a short time unusually.
After communication we hoped to replace her a new unit but unable to deliver to her.
For she had been serving in the military and had just been appointed to Iraq battlefield. She had to wear the ruined unit for several months. We could clearly feel how hard and embarrassing the girl was.
This touched us deeply. We swear we must make nice and trustable hair!
Recently we've learned from many customers that they feel it difficult judging nice hair from bad hair from appearance.
Because now days hair processing skills are greatly improved and many new chemicals and coating technique applied.
Many factories use poor quality hair or even non-human hair and process into brilliant and splendid looking and softness.
Hair feels great in the beginning but only last a short time. After one wash, it turns into junk.
This is really annoying not only to the customers but also to us.
For customers can't tell the difference of our products from others though we still use nice hair material.
And of course they won't accept the price difference…
We know we must think of thing to work out this situation. We don't want to follow what other people are doing. We want go back to origin of hair.
Then we decided to use virgin unprocessed uncolored hair on our products only, virgin hair with virgin color.
We want to provide 100% natural hair without any processing or any coating.
We want to show the customer the natural status of the hair, to provide a hair that customers can easily recognize its virtue.
And we renamed our hair, VV HAIR, meaning VIRGIN HAIR, VIRGIN COLOR.