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Best Way to Blow Dry Natural hair

Like flat ironing, blow drying your transitioning or fully natural hair is a project you might want to take on every once in a while to achieve a certain look. Overall, its best to avoid heat on your hair as much as possible. However, if you apply the proper products and technique, you can get away with occasional blow drying without causing too much damage.

Sometimes it is nice to blow dry your hair before doing a twist out style to get a bigger and more sleek look and also to help it dry faster. You just need to modify the types of products you put in to make sure that you don't add back too much water and cause all of your blow drying work to be for nothing.

Finding the Best Blow Dryer

After you eliminate all of the dryers that don't actually come with a comb attachment there aren't that many choices left. Some good basic brands are Yellow Bird, Con Air, Tourmaline Tools and Hot Tools. You want a ceramic ionic one. These really do work better... something with the technology.


When you blow dry your hair, you want to only put on heat protector as you dry. Applying moisturizer or conditioner will result in it taking a very long time for your hair to dry because you've sealed in moisture and now you are trying to get it back out. After you have dried your hair, however, you want to apply a non water based moisturizer, gloss or shine serum, and hair oil.

Keeping the Attachment from Falling Off

I've been blow drying my hair since I was 9 years old and I've never had a blow dryer comb attachment that would stay on unless I taped it to stay in place. The trick is to put electrical or duct tape around the end of the blow dryer then put the comb on over that. Sometimes that will create a tight enough fit so that it will stay put. Sometimes you also have to tape over the top of the attachment as well.


For the fastest drying and to minimize breakage, its best to section your hair out into at least 12 sections and then dry from tip to root combing through each portion of hair until it is dry. If you go from root to tip you will just pull your hair out. Also, save putting on any products, especially oils, until you are done drying each section. If you put the oil on before the section is dry, it takes much longer to dry because the strands are already coated with the moisture "sealed in".